How to get a Japan visa

Hello, friends! For those who have been wondering how my boyfriend and I got a multiple entry visa to Japan, here are the steps for the application for tourists.
  1. We got our promo roundtrip airfare via Cebu Pacific last November 2013 (Travel Date is in October 2014) and got it for only almost Php7,000.00 per person, so we grabbed it right away. Nonetheless, airfare tickets are NOT a requirement of the Japan Embassy BUT it would help you have a bigger chance (we think) to be granted a visa if they will know the details of your point of entry and departure to and from Japan.
  2. Prepare your BIR 2316 or the Income Tax Return (ITR).
  3. If employed, request for your Certificate of Employment (COE) from your company.
  4. Request for a Bank Certificate from your bank. This is also known as your "show money". There is NO specific amount that you need to declare as your savings. But make sure that the amount should be reasonable and realistic when compared to your income and to the itinerary that you will be planning. Around Php75,000 and up would be a good amount to have and declare.
  5. Plot your itinerary. Make sure to include your name, contact numbers and the exact name and location of the place where you will stay.
  6. You may attach a copy of your hotel accommodation. You can book for an online reservation. Don't worry, online reservations are usually for free not unless you cancel it within the minimum required number of days for the cancellation
  7. For first timers, you might be asked to submit an original copy of your Birth Certificate released by the National Statistics Office (NSO). If late registered, like in my case, I was asked to submit the following documents: Baptismal Certificate, School Record (Form 137) and School Yearbook (if applicable). Since I have been already issued a Japan visa in 2012 (as seen in my passport), they no longer asked for a copy of my birth certificate.
  8. Make sure to completely fill out the Japan visa application form with your 2in. x 2in. or 4.5cm. x 4.5cm. (white background) picture attached therein. We had our visa applications processed through Reli Tours, one of the accredited agencies of the Japan Embassy for Php1,200.00. You may still choose from the list of accredited agencies if you wish to.
  9. Upon completing the requirements, you need to leave your passport with the accredited agency while your visa application is being processed. That's where they're going to attach your visa anyway, once approved.
  10. For more details, you may visit the official website of the Embassy of Japan in the Philippines at
PS. My boyfriend and I did not intend to apply for a multiple entry visa, then. It was mere blessing that we were granted with such. We suppose that having been granted a Japan visa before is a huge advantage to be granted a multiple entry visa to Japan now, esp. that its Embassy in the Philippines and other Southeast Asian countries have recently relaxed the visa requirements going to their country.

Hope my write up has helped you and may God bless you in your visa application! :-)
Feel free to shoot me an email at for your questions and stories. Also, you may follow me on Instagram at @dianamariecuizon. Looking forward to hearing from you soon.


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