A First Father's Day to Remember

June 18, 2017 | Sunday
Daddy Everard's 1st Father's Day Celebration

We were supposed to celebrate this special day at home and prepare the usual handa such as spaghetti and fried chicken. But last Saturday, June 17, things turned out differently when I received a notification on Instagram (IG).

I was informed via direct message (DM) by Mommy Jayreen of The Momma Club (TMC) that I actually won the free 20-minute photoshoot session by Amari Moments on Father's Day. Plus, it comes with a free coffee drink from White Wall Coffee. (I'll share photos inside the "instagrammable" vibes of this cafe and the yummiest carbonara I've ever tasted!)

Prior to the notification to the winner, I was teasing my husband that I really feel that I will win in that giveaway contest. Intuition, maybe? Haha!

So I did confirm right away and asked Mommy Jayreen of the how-to's of claiming the prize and thankfully, she patiently answered all my queries promptly.

The photos I'll be sharing with you are the behind-the-scenes (BTS) during the shoot and our strolling around Eton Centris. Also, how we have celebrated Father's Day, in general. :-)

PS. We're so excited to share with everyone the official photos from Amari Moments once they're available.

Inside the "instagrammable" vibes of White Wall Coffee

See that beautiful couch? That's the spot I actually breastfed our Baby Savia hehe! #proudbreasftfeedingmom here!
Stolen shot by the IG hubby hihihi!
Then there's the "look away" pose LOL!


Would you believe that this was taken inside their washroom? So instagrammable still, isn't it? :-D

And nothing can stop us from taking selfies hahaha! :-D

Gone in 5 minutes! LOL!



As we left Eton Centris Walk, we saw this cute koala bear and did not miss to take pictures with Daddy Everard and Baby Savia as a souvenir. Savia indeed loved it! Hihi!

And... it's a wrap! Baby Savia waving her hand saying she'll see you again on her Mama's next post. Hihihi!

The Momma Club

Amari Moments

Whitewall Coffee

Twinning Mom-Baby Outfit (dress and turban) from Barty Monty Apparel

Infinity Scarf used as a Nursing Cover from HTP Clothing

ETON Centris


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